Direct Marketing Elements That Deliver Results In Real Estate Investing

Submitted by: Simonn Machariaa

Success in real estate investing largely depends on successful marketing of your business. Targeted direct mail delivers excellent results as long as two conditions are met:

1) That your leads are well targeted – for instance, if your audience is motivated sellers, they must people that NEED to sell their houses

2) That your direct marketing piece – post card or letter stands out from the rest and convinces them to take action NOW

This article focuses on how to guarantee success of your direct marketing campaigns.

Laser targeted leads

If your leads are not well targeted, you are unlikely to get good results.

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For example, when targeting motivated sellers, you must target

i) People who really NEED to sell their houses – such as people going through divorce, bankruptcy, probates, burned landlords, expired listings, etc. In other words, you must target people who find that they must get rid of their house to get back to normal life

ii) Specific neighborhoods and price ranges – your business model is the most likely determining factor for this

iii) Equity – the houses you buy probably need to have some equity In this case, someone who refinanced or bought their house last year may not be your best bet

Unique marketing proposition

If your marketing piece looks like all the other “We Buy Houses” mail, the response you get is likely to be minimal at best. Your marketing must stick out from the rest:

i) Noticeable mail piece – use post cards with screaming colors. Red, yellow, green and blue seem to give me excellent results in my marketing. In other words in a pile of mail that motivated sellers receive, they must be able to instantly pick yours out of curiosity.

If you send letters, they must stick out from all the other bills, and junk mail they receive every day. For example, using a regular envelop hand-written in red and a big postal stamp gets excellent results.

You can also use odd-sized or colored envelops to increase noticeability.

ii) Powerful headline – it must compel the reader to continue reading

iii) Personalized – whenever possible, your letters should be fully personalized. They must feel you are addressing their personal needs

iv) Powerful content – you must state the problem and provide a solution powerful enough to agitate the reader to really NEED what you are offering

v) Benefits – The solution you offer must include benefits of taking up your offer. They must see you as the only person who can help them. You must create an offer they cannot resist

vi) Deadline – you must have a deadline in all your marketing materials.Give a specific date. You can tell them you will buy only one more house. This gives them a reason to act NOW!

vii) Call to action – what do they need to do next? Go to this website and sign up. Pick up the phone and call this number now. It must be precise and direct

viii) P.S. – most people start with the P.S. before they look at anything else. It needs to re-state the benefits, deadline and call to action to be effective


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Airplane crashes into flats in South Africa

Monday, December 18, 2006 

During a heavy thunderstorm at around 19:00 GMT, a plane crashed into a block of flats in the suburb of Yeoville in Johannesburg.

The pilot was killed on impact. No one on the ground was injured.

The plane is believed to be a Piper Cherokee 140 that was probably heading towards Lanseria Airport.

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Dress code threats close Peshawar schools

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 

Schools in the city Peshawar, Pakistan were closed for two days at the end of last week after anonymous threats were received warning female students to wear veils in class.

The threats, believed originating from members of the Taliban movement, along with the detention of two would-be suicide bombers before they exploded themselves, raised tensions and closed the schools out of safety concerns for the students.

One of the two suicide bombers was a woman who attempted enter the Koochi Bazaar, a market in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province. Purses carried by women are routinely searched before entering the market. Explosives were discovered in the purse carried by a woman who refused the search and tried to walk away.

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Bug in Microsoft antivirus deletes users’ e-mails

Monday, March 12, 2007 

Microsoft’s officials admitted that the company’s Windows Live OneCare security suite has been accidentally deleting e-mails of those users that worked with Outlook and Outlook Express.

Microsoft’s OneCare forum included postings that stated the cause of message deletion. Thus the issue occurred thanks to an antivirus application that finds e-mails containing viruses. The problem with the software was that the antivirus, instead of deleting or quarantining the hazardous e-mail, deleted all messages from the personal folder.

The forum, however, gave hope in a post saying that some messages might be recovered but only in case they were quarantined. Thus users are able to find those e-mails in OneCare’s quarantine facility.

The administrator of the forum, Stephen Boots, outlined that he was very unhappy with the issue which, he said, appeared over a year ago and the company thought it fixed the problem with the release of 1.5 version. Boots said that the beta version of the program worked fine but when the final version was launched the problem occurred once again.

According to the statement, reported by the spokesperson of the software giant, Microsoft is now working to fix the problem and release an updated version of OneCare on March 13.

OneCare was criticized after it failed to pass an independent test of security products that provided a certain certification. In addition to this the program did not provide enough protection for Windows Vista users.

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Booklets Images To Use And Manage

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Submitted by: Janice Jenkins

There are many types of images that are inserted into booklets. It is important for you to actually know about these types so that you can insert the right ones in the proper way into your designs. So before you start developing your custom booklets, you might want to learn here all the types of images that you will need to use for your booklets. Just follow the list below to discover what you can use.

1. Decorative cover images.

First up, we have the decorative cover images. Whatever kind of custom booklets you are printing, you will want to have a good booklet cover that has some great looking images in it.

This is pretty mandatory as the booklet cover not only should carry the title of the print, but it should also already establish the theme or tone of the booklet itself. So plan on more than just putting a picture of a symbol, make sure that you think of the cover image as the establisher of your booklet theme.

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After all, this is the first thing that people will see in your booklet, so you better make it really powerful and impressive enough to start preparing your readers for your message. Your cover image should then be thoroughly enhanced and of course are set at the highest possible resolution for the best and clearest print.

2. Supporting body photographs or illustrations.

The next kind of image that you will need in your booklets is supporting body photographs or illustrations. A booklet with only text is boring believe me. No one will have the patience of reading your whole booklet if it does not have some kind of photograph or illustration that helps people easily understand your booklet text content more.

Remember though to always get the right kind of related image as a supporting graphic. Do not just insert something that looks okay. The image must mean a lot and of course it should connect deeply to your content itself.

3. Flag symbols and graphics.

Another type of image that you will typically need in booklets are flagging symbols or graphics. These are the types of images that mark certain areas for attention. For example, a big stop symbol for example will have people stop reading at a certain area. Or maybe you have seen those large exclamation point graphics? These symbols act flags that help people know what they should do as they read your color booklets.

4. Directional arrows and lines.

Along with symbols for attention, we also have symbols for guidance. Typically it is a great idea to use arrows and subtle lines to lead people from one section, or chapter to the next. The lines help guide the eyes of people to the right spots in the booklet itself. So use those images wisely for the best effect for your booklets.

5. Logos and authorship symbols.

Lastly, you will need some logos and authorship symbols. Typically most people will actually want to discover who created the booklet and if he or she developing it. Logos and other types of authorship symbols allow you to add that official element to your booklets, making them appear more professional and of course more trustworthy. So do not forget to add high quality logos to your booklets either at the end or at the start of your booklets.

Now, make sure you review all the items above. Do not forget to try and add all these types. Believe me, your color booklets will be a lot more complete and effective with all these different types of images.

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International team of scientists reports on Antarctic lead pollution

Monday, August 4, 2014 

Researchers from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States conducted lead concentration measurements of sixteen ice core samples, and found that industrial air pollution has persisted Antarctica since its arrival there in 1889 and remains significant in the current century. Their study was published in Scientific Reports on July 28, and covered in Nevada’s Review journal this Saturday.

Lead was chosen to trace the industrial pollution of atmosphere because of its low natural concentrations in ecosystems, as well as unique ‘fingerprints’ of different sources. Each lead ore deposit has its own distinct mixture of lead isotopes. Analysis of such characteristic isotopic signatures traced Broken Hill, Australia as the pioneering source of lead pollution in Antarctica, and even today its contribution remains significant. Coauthor Paul Vallelonga detailed, “Lead is a toxic heavy metal with strong potential to harm ecosystems [...] While concentrations measured in Antarctic ice cores are very low, the records show that atmospheric concentrations and deposition rates increased approximately six-fold in the late 1880s, coincident with the start of mining at Broken Hill in southern Australia and smelting at nearby Port Pirie”. Lead author Joe McConnell noted, in Review journal, “A single industrial complex was enough to contaminate the entire continent of Antarctica thousands of kilometers away [...] We’re still polluting Antarctica today”.

McConnell said in getting the cores he traveled to Antarctica “four or five” times. Each of the drilled samples is about 4 inches (10 cm) across and 100–500 feet (30–150 m) long. They were cut for storage in boxes, six three-foot sections per box weighing over 100 pounds (450 kg). A single ice core can be used by researchers in many experiments during the next several years.

Concentrations of lead on the Antarctic continent have declined after the 1990s, but remain around three times higher than before industrialization, despite banning of leaded petrol and similar emissions regulations. As McConnell said, “Our measurements indicate that approximately 660 tonnes [1.5 million pounds] of industrial lead have been deposited on the snow-covered surface of Antarctic during the past 130 years [...] While recent contamination levels are lower, clearly detectable industrial contamination of the Antarctic continent persists today, so we still have a ways to go.”

Support for the study came from, amongst others, the U.S. National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs, WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office, Ice Drilling and Design and Operations, the National Ice Core Laboratory, Raytheon Polar Services, and the 109th New York Air National Guard.


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WikiLeaks: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati sent jet to collect shoes

Monday, September 5, 2011 

According to United States diplomatic cables passed to WikiLeaks, Mayawati, Chief Minister of the Indian northern state Uttar Pradesh, made use of her private jet to have sandals collected from Mumbai.

Mayawati, a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) – which claims to follow a Dalit Socialism ideology – self-identifies as a Dalit. The Dalits are largely those traditionally regarded as Untouchables within Indian society.

One cable, named “Portrait of a Lady”, recently published by WikiLeaks describes the 55-year-old Mayawati as, “a first-rate egomaniac who is obsessed with becoming prime minister”.

“When she needed new sandals, her private jet flew empty to Mumbai to retrieve her preferred brand,” a cable dated October 23, 2008 states; adding, the chief minister is paranoid about her security and fears assassination, employing food tasters to guard against poisoning. The US embassy documents state Mayawati celebrates her birthday each year by receiving millions of dollars in gifts from party members, civil servants and business people whilst officials vie for a chance to feed her cake. An account of Mayawati making a state minister do sit-ups in front of her as punishment for a minor protocol error is included.

Further allegations report a cost of $250,000 to run as a parliamentary candidate for the BSP headed by Mayawati; this allegedly due to institutionalised corruption. “She constructed a private road from her residence to her office, which is cleaned immediately after her multiple vehicle convoy reaches its destination,” the cables claim.

Mayawati, often referred to as the “Dalit Queen”, has been criticised many times, notably for the building of numerous statues of Buddhist and Dalit icons, and of herself.

The single, ex-school teacher, has as-yet not responded to the allegations made in the newly published cables.

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Airplane crashes into flats in South Africa

Monday, December 18, 2006 

During a heavy thunderstorm at around 19:00 GMT, a plane crashed into a block of flats in the suburb of Yeoville in Johannesburg.

The pilot was killed on impact. No one on the ground was injured.

The plane is believed to be a Piper Cherokee 140 that was probably heading towards Lanseria Airport.

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House Or Apartment, How To Make A Choice?

Submitted by: Ankan Kd

The real estate market has witnessed an exceptional boom all thanks to the rapidly growing industrial sectors. You can see an explosion in construction of high rise apartment complexes, residential townships, and even low rise independent floors. Due to vast residing options readily waiting, people often get confused in choosing between an independent house and apartment.

Benefits Of Staying In Apartments

In the modern era of materialism, families have broken down into small units. Thus, peoples tendency towards living in apartment blocks is proliferating. There are many pro and cones of residing in these blocks. They are a better option to reside. In apartments you need not to care about the issues related to the property. People live in these units, because it is more secure as compared to private houses. Usually apartments are protected through security alarms and 24 hours video surveillance. These security procedures make these blocks inaccessible for trespassers Moreover; these apartments incorporate with many recreational facilities, such as communal laundry, fitness centre and swimming pool. Therefore, these additional amenities enhance the living experience of its dwellers. Furthermore, due to adjacent blocks, harmony among residents increases and they share their thick and thin of life with each other. Apartments do not require looking over the maintenance or gardens as they are not a matter of concern for the people residing in them. In case there is any problem related to property of apartments you just simply need to pay the amount and get it done repair. Problems like leakage or water supply issues you just need to the monthly rental and you are out of the issues. Even you just have to pay the single check for all the bills in reference to your apartment, no need of different checks for different bills like electricity bill, water bill etc. Issues like tax, building inspection, or insurance cover are not your concern, so you don t need to worry about them too. As you start living in apartment you will feel that these are best to stay with affordable prices and they will not cause much effect on your pocket. Apartments these days are available in large variety, suiting every pocket. For People who like to move or travel frequently to new places, apartments are the best choice.

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Benefits Of Staying In Independent House

On the contrary, living in these blocks has some demerits as well, for instance, proximity of blokes with each other put people in a dilemma, because of the nasty behavior of the neighbors. In addition to generally these blocks are built as multistory buildings with no lift facility, so it becomes difficult for people to get to their blocks if they are residing in 3rd or 4th level. What is more, parking is another crucial issue of these buildings, and situation get worse when these inhabitants are visited by their nearest and dearest. If you want to use your creativity during construction in terms of interior design, material, paint, lights, bath accessories and other add-ons, then you should opt for an Independent House. Houses can be reconstructed, extended or renovated as per one s discretion, whereas apartments cannot. You can cultivate your own kitchen garden or can enjoy the luxury of swimming pool in the backyard at your Independent Homes, which may not be possible in Apartments.

In order to seek best quality lifestyle, it is essential to choose your dream house with sound discretion. After all, it s your paradise where you would love to stay and enjoy your life.

To sum up, taking everything into account, living in an apartment complex is better despite some demerits, because buying an independent house is extremely expensive, and everyone may not be able to buy a house.

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Discovery docks with International Space Station

Monday, December 11, 2006 

The United States Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station today at 5:12 p.m. ET. After a two-day journey, the space shuttle reached the space station for a week long stay to rewire the orbiting lab, install a new addition and rotate out a crew member. Astronaut Sunita “Suni” Williams will live for six months at the space lab, replacing German astronaut Thomas Reiter of the European Space Agency..

An hour earlier the orbiter did a slow back flip so that crew members at the international space station could photograph its mid section for any signs of liftoff damage. This has been a routine procedure since the Columbia tragedy in which the space shuttle Columbia sustained damage on liftoff leading to its disintegration in the atmosphere. There appeared to be no problems with the heat shield so commander Mark Polansky continued the docking process.

As the space station came into view of Discovery, Williams told Mission Control: “It’s beautiful.”

Mission Control responded: “I don’t know what kind of creature comforts you’re going to have, but you’re going to have a room with a view.”

A $11 million extension will be put into place on Tuesday during the first of the mission’s three spacewalks. Astronauts plan to rewire the space lab, switching it from a temporary power source to a permanent one, during the two other spacewalks.

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