Potty Train Your Dog In As Little As 10 Days With These 7 Secrets

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Submitted by: Patti Oar

Isn’t your new puppy adorable? They are just precious. And it’s a good thing too. They’re lucky they’re so darned cute cuz they can be so frustrating sometimes you want to strangle them. But how can you stay mad at the little guys?

As the owner of a new puppy you have a huge and very important job. It’s your job to make sure that this adorable little ball of fur grows up to be a calm and well mannered dog. Remember the old saying “puppies are cute but they grow up to be dogs”? I’ts so true. There are hundreds of dogs our there that are exhibiting bad behavior. Of course, it’s not their fault. Dogs are very smart creatures and they learn very quickly. It is up to us humans to make sure that they do that. I’ts easy to get lazy and hope for the best, but when it comes to housebreaking your puppy it is critical that you stay focused. This training can be accomplished quickly and easily if you stay on top of things.

There are a few crucial steps to accomplish housebreaking your puppy, but the first and I believe the most important tip is that someone must be at home with the dog. At least for the first week or two he can’t be left alone. You can’t expect a puppy to be home alone all day while you’re working. Their little systems just can’t hold out that long. If you do that and put those puppy pads on the floor you’ll just be training him to go on the pads and then you’ll never be able to break the habit of going inside the house.

1. Crate the Puppy

This doesn t necessarily mean inside of a crate. There are many theories about this and that s not what this discussion is about. I mean to confine the dog in an area such as a kitchen or family room, preferably where he can t do any damage if he has an accident, such as a tile floor. You can use a baby gate for this, and you should be nearby so you can monitor his behavior.

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2.Set Your Clock

Puppies don t have the capacity to wait very long, so it s important that you take them out frequently. This depends on the the pup. You can try different times. I start out at 2 hour intervals and change it if necessary.

3.Pick Them Up

When you are taking the puppy outside to potty, make sure you pick them up and carry them. If you let them walk and they have an accident on the way you ve wasted a valuable training moment.

4.Tell Them What You Want

When you get them outside and preferably to a spot where you would like them to go all the time, tell them to go potty or use whatever words you want to get them to go. They learn the words very quickly and once they figure out what you want pretty soon your dog will be able to go on command. If you re watching the clock you re probably timing it right about when they have to go anyway.

5.Praise Them

Get excited. Show them how pleased you are that they did what they re told. Tell them how good they are for performing. Dogs are so smart and they really want to please you and it won t take long before they are associating the outside spot with the command you ve given them (Remember Pavlov? Association is amazing. Try whistling when you feed them and watch how fast they come running when they re outside and you whistle)

6.Going After Mealtimes

Another conditioning trick is to take them out after they eat. You are probably feeding your puppy twice a day so you can take him outside either right after his meal or within about 15 minutes. He will probably be ready to go then and this will just reinforce what you re asking him to do.


Make sure your dog goes potty just before you put him to bed and he will get into a routine. It s more conditioning for him and if you walk out with him and repeat the command you used before he will pick up this routine very quickly. This should also help in putting him to bed because he will recognize it as his routine. Crating or confining him at night will minimize accidents also. He still may have accidents during the night but if you ve followed all the steps he will probably understand and cry or whine to let you know he has to go and you can get up and let him out. Remember to pick him up and carry him.

If you are diligent about following the steps above, you will be surprised how fast your puppy understands and learns. He will almost potty train himself.

About the Author: Patti Oar is a freelance writer and admitted dog lover. She has had many dogs and currently shares her life with her husband and 2 big goofy labs. Learn many more dog training tips at her website:




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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies


Damon Giovinco

One known method of earning money online these days is through affiliate marketing; however, since there are only a small percentage of the total human population who fully grasp its concept, the utilization of this marketing method is only limited to a few. This has helped online business owners in achieving more traffic to their internet site, making affiliate marketing become a vital online marketing approach.

What\’s affiliate marketing?

In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is selling other people\’s items or services or advertising their link on your webpage in exchange for a commission or a back link. Each time there are purchased products or orders from those items and services that you promote on your own webpage, you\’ll be given a percentage of the profits. Comprehending the quality of the products, services or sites that you\’ll be promoting on your site is basically your main concern in affiliate marketing.

How can affiliate marketing aid your website or business enterprise?

Working as a marketer of other businesses products, services or website utilizing your own website is your job as an affiliate. Making residual profits, getting an increase in traffic and rank, as well as a chance of working with a new market are the advantages that you will acquire with this sort of online marketing method.

YouTube Preview Image

Your site\’s page rank will certainly increase since a lot more folks look at your website as directed by the referring links. Your webpage will be more appealing to the viewers as soon as your page ranking enhances. The backlinks you aquire from other webpages or firms will also enhance the indexing of your webpage.

There is no need for you to compromise your money on promotion and marketing to begin as an affiliate marketer. Affiliation marketing strategy will not require you to spend, unlike any other marketing methods. Since clients will only click on your website\’s links, the expense of making arrangements and product sales is no longer necessary.

Affiliate marketing is an effective method of boosting your internet site, generating residual revenue, and growing your network. With the assistance of a bigger company or a popular website, you can ascend the page rank ladder faster than you anticipated.

Who can use affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple to use internet marketing strategy when compared to other nitty-gritty tactics that just specialists know about. Affiliation strategies give starter web entrepreneurs the chance to be a part of the web market. Looking a firm or internet site to promote is all that you must do. Evaluate yourself if you desire to promote the webpage\’s products and services or site. To avoid puzzling your page visitor as to what your webpage is actually about, never take into account those websites, services or items that don\’t synchronize with your target audience or interest. Stay close to your niche as much as possible so that you could develop your site and make it more targeted for your preferred audience.

Any individual can do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can possibly flourish your business enterprise or webpage. Grow your business enterprise or improve your website traffic by way of affiliate internet marketing.

Where will you begin as you employ affiliate marketing in your online marketing strategy?

Beginning with affiliate online marketing is easy; nevertheless, your very next concern will be about seeking for a supreme-quality affiliate partner. Outlined here below are tactics for you to get yourself a top-quality associate:

1. Find a high PR webpage by utilizing the web. Higher PR webpages acquire plenty of webpage traffic they also have the most targeted content for their target market. Affiliating with these websites will help you not just improve your internet site ranking but also provide you a hefty commission every product purchased.

2. Read through the firm\’s about webpage to figure out if the items or services they are marketing suit with your target audience or primary values.

3. Take into account the payment stipulations offered by the affiliates and select those that are truthful to you. You don\’t want to sell items or services that provide very poor commission rates.

If you are desiring of starting off your own affiliate marketing, consider the above mentioned strategies.

For those who enjoyed this article and would like more info on affiliate promoting and marketing you should follow this hyperlink

twin Peak Profits reviews

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User:Rogerroyal/Wikinews interviews viral marketing company Swenzy

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Viral marketing company Swenzy recently gained international news coverage regarding its various hoaxes and its connection with a 2012 YouTube view count enforcement. Wikinews asked Swenzy about the company, hoaxes, and YouTube.

Swenzy is known for its viral hoax campaigns, including “Dawn of 2014″, “Remember The 13th”, “Brian’s Announcement”, “GTA: City Of Paradise”, and “Opblackout”. The actual focus of these campaigns is unclear but news media confirm that each has a connection with the YouTube services offered by the company.

Swenzy also offers services like Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Instagram followers, all of which can generate further traffic for a company or other group. These type of sites are controversial. There have been news media reports of Swenzy involvement in YouTube black market tactics involving big music companies, including inflating view counts for celebrities which saw a two billion view deletion.

Swenzy shut down their YouTube service temporarily which was reported by news media, and sparked controversy.

Wikinews: When was your company established? What motivated you?

WNHow did the “Swenzy name originate? What does it stand for?

WNWhy did you start doing hoax campaigns?

WNWhy did you shut down your YouYube views service temporarily?

WNDo you have a connection with the 2012 View Count Scandal?

WNHave any celebrities tried to buy social services from you?

WNWhat is the main purpose of the hoaxes you perform?

WNHow do you perform your hoax campaigns?

WNWould you like to share any details regarding the View count scandal and Swenzy?

WNWhy do you think the view count enforcement occurred?

WNDo you think another one will occur in the future?

WNWill the YouTube service you provide ever be shut down?

WNWhy did you rebrand from SocialVEVO? Did you have an issue with VEVO?

WNYour Opblackout was shut down by the FBI, Can you tell me more about that?

WNDo you confirm news reports that Swenzy is connected to the View Count scandal from 2012?

WNWould you share notable artists that you have worked with?

WNFernando Alfonso from The Daily Dot talked to an ex-employee of your company, Do you know who “JUICE” is?

WNFernando also suggested “Jacob”, who botted a video called ‘Pickles’ to be working with you, Is this true?

WNWhat do you think about The Daily Dot exposing your company of recent hoaxes and scandals?

WNCinema Blend covered 3 video game hoaxes, was Swenzy behind those 3 hoaxes?

WNWilliam Usher also suggested “Socialevo” was tied to Swenzy, Can you confirm this?

WNApart from your YouTube service, Why haven’t your other services receive media attention?

WNMusicians and YouTube partners are rumored to have bought views to increase popularity and ad revenue, Do you know anything about this?

WNWill you continue to engineer hoaxes throughout 2014?

WNWhat are your goals with these viral campaign hoaxes?

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Bill Clinton visits Romania to take part in branding conference

Monday, May 23, 2005 

Former United States president Bill Clinton visited Bucharest on Saturday to attend the Beyond Borders conference, where he delivered a keynote presentation about the meaning of branding, or marketing, a country. The Beyond Borders conference was also attended by several high-profile Romanian personalities, including President Traian B?sescu, Prime Minister C?lin Popescu-T?riceanu, opposition leader Mircea Geoan? and former Prime Minister Petre Roman.

Clinton said that since his last visit to Romania in 1997, things have changed positively. The country had become a NATO member (an event which occurred in 2004), it is soon to join the European Union, and people are more optimistic, with higher hopes for the future.

Clinton praised Romania for its involvement in the relief effort for the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, stating that “This proves you [Romanians] are involved and you want to be more integrated into the international community.”

As to branding Romania, Clinton advised that Romanians should find a phrase or symbol that truly reflects the country and that its residents believe in. He said, “If 98 percent of Romanians will believe in that phrase, it is good, because they will be able to convince foreigners.”

The former U.S. president said that, before the conference, he had a talk to President B?sescu about marketing. Clinton said that B?sescu wants to launch Romania’s image as “the new tiger of Europe”, making an allusion to Romania’s solid economic growth and political progress in the past few years. Romania’s economy grew in 2004 by 8.3%, one of the highest growth rates in Europe.

Meanwhile, Clinton said he thought a more appropriate phrase would be “find Europe’s future here”. He stated that, “Every Romanian I have met believed in freedom and believed in the future of his country, [a future] which is tied to the US and Europe.”

Clinton also said that, in order to give Romania a competitive advantage over other countries in the region, it should choose elements that are positive and different from its neighbouring countries. “You can simply say Romania is bigger. That gives more room for investment,” he said.

Aside from attending the Beyond Borders conference, Clinton launched the Romanian translation of his autobiography “My Life”, going to a major bookstore in Bucharest to sign 500 copies of the book. “My Life” sells in Romania for 75 new lei, or €21, with 5000 copies launched in bookstores around the country.

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Islamic Republic News Agency

The Islamic Republic News Agency (Persian: ???????? ?????? ?????? ??????), or IRNA, is the official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is government-funded and controlled under the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The agency also publishes the newspaper Iran. As of 2010, the Managing Director of IRNA is Mohammad Khodaddi. IRNA has 60 offices in Iran and 30 more in various countries around the world.[1]

In 1934, Pars Agency was established by the Foreign Ministry of Iran (Persia) as the country’s official national news outlet. For the next six years it operated under the Iranian Foreign Ministry working to disseminate national and international news. Pars Agency published a bulletin twice daily in French and Persian, which it circulated among government officials, international news agencies in Tehran and the local press. In May 1940, the General Tablighat Department was founded and the agency then became an affiliate of the department. Agence France Press (AFP) was the first international news agency whose reports Pars Agency used. Gradually, the Iranian news agency expanded its sources of news stories to include those of Reuters, the Associated Press (AP) and the United Press International (UPI). An agreement with the Anatolia News Agency of Turkey further expanded the agency’s news outlets to countries worldwide. The link-up also enabled it to provide classified bulletins to a limited number of high-ranking public officials.

In 1954, following a coup the reforms of the White Revolution helped to modernize the Pars Agency, leading to expanded news coverage, improved professional services and a better-educated staff. It went on air with radio broadcasts of international news translated into Persian, which it offered to local subscribers. Under the new regime, it operated under the supervision of various state offices and ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephones, Office of the Prime Minister and the Labor Ministry until 1947. In 1957, the General Department of Tablighat fell under the supervision of the Publications Department of Tehran Radio as an independent department. In 1963 the activities of Pars Agency were brought under the newly created Information Ministry. Its name was changed to Pars News Agency, or PANA, and it began operating around the clock. In July 1975 the Iranian legislature passed a bill establishing the Ministry of Information and Tourism and changing the status of Pars News Agency to a joint public stock with capital assets of about 300 million rials. It then became an affiliate of the new ministry. Its Articles of Association in 23 paragraphs and notes were adopted by the then National Consultative Assembly of Iran.

After the Iranian Revolution in February 1979, the Revolutionary Council (Shawra-ye-Enqelab), in June 1979, renamed the Ministry of Information and Tourism to the National Guidance Ministry (or Ministry of National Guidance). This was followed in December, 1981 by a bill passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) changing the name of the country’s official news agency from Pars News Agency to Islamic Republic News Agency.

IRNA’s professional activities are aimed at securing Iranian national interests. Efforts of management and professional personnel of IRNA are thus focused on achieving higher ground each day in fulfillment of its stated goal. The organization functions as the “mother source of information dissemination” within the country, feeding its authorities, nationals and various publications with various types of news, bulletins, research works, opinion polls and stories of general interest through its various telex lines. It also provides channels for online foreign dispatches and photographs around the clock. IRNA’s external services include those rendered to leading international news agencies in accordance with contracts signed with them, active membership in international news clubs, up-to-date news stories on the country supplied internationally through its International News Line, and an active presence in the Internet through its Persian, English and Arabic websites. For its services, IRNA is aided by a professional core of executive and administrative staff who work inside and outside the country in its various local, regional and overseas branches. It also takes full advantage of stringers around the globe and has an organizational set-up that allows all its facilities to be used inside or outside the country on contractual arrangement. To effectively carry out its responsibilities it has set up the following guidelines:

IRNA’s administrative efforts are focused on an expansion of its international news branches around the globe. Branches ostensibly are given the task of producing news items or selecting from those produced by various news agencies, translating and disseminating them through its various news lines. Its management is also constantly on the look-out for possible new ways of expanding its level of news dissemination in qualitative and quantitative terms. It also seeks to expand its level of cooperation with various foreign news agencies and corporations. Personnel of IRNA branches abroad are currently in charge of monitoring their respective countries’ radio, television, satellite and Internet networks to bring out news items not already found in news dispatches. The offices also organize regional news dissemination corporationswith IRNA as a member, as well as monitor and program activities of its branches.

IRNA’s editorial board is made up of eight main news desks:

IRNA has divided its activities into four news regions around the world manned by four head offices:[citation needed]

IRNA cooperates with leading international and regional news agencies. This cooperation at the professional level started decades ago. IRNA’s cooperation with regional and international agencies takes any of the following forms:

IRNA has spent tremendous efforts to convince news agencies of Third World countries to actively work within the framework of regional news agencies. The establishment of pools of news agencies, many of which have already gained international prestige, is thus indebted to the pioneering efforts of IRNA. Multinational and regional news pools therefore have the right to vote in international gatherings of news agencies and thus play the essential and critical role of safeguarding Third World interests in such venues. IRNA is currently a member of the following news pools:

IRNA has played an active role as a member of the newly established regional news pools mentioned above. Its varied activities in cooperation with these various organizations may be summarized as follows:

IRNA is one of the first to join the Internet in Iran. It joined the web on December 16, 1996, starting at the speed of 19,200 kbit/s. On March 23, 1997, IRNA opened its own website, which reached the speed of 512,512 kbit/s a year later. Due to interest shown on the wide range of information available in the Internet IRNA decided to offer lines for lease and dial-up services for its clients. IRNA has also increased the bandwidth of its satellite band up to 2MEG/2MEG to meet the ever-increasing demand for this medium.[2] To provide services to all interested parties wishing to gain access to Internet information, IRNA has established an Internet cafe (Coffeenet) on the ground floor of its Tehran headquarters.

Information on the high-quality goods and services available in the Iranian market produced by leading producers and manufacturers in the various production and technical fields may now be obtained through IRNA’s online IRNANET. IRNANET accepts advertisements and aims to be an effective global marketing tool for interested subscribers. The IRNA website on the Internet[3] has over 20,000,000 viewers all over the globe with the exact number of people who use it in each country available at any moment on the site.

IRNA has a photo archive established 40 years ago simultaneous with the birth of this news agency. It is one of the richest in Iran and relies on the expert work of its professional photographers. The photo archive now has over 3,000,000 frames in the various political, social, sports and cultural fields. Some of the best shots in its files depict the acts of bravery of Iranians during the eight-year sacred defense.[clarification needed]

IRNA currently publishes seven dailies and periodicals. Among these periodicals is the Persian-language Iran newspaper, which is vastly popular among middle class Iranians.

After conducting a series of research work on the country’s need for a high-level academic institution to provide training in news reporting and various fields of news dissemination, and after obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology, IRNA established the School of Media Studies (News College). Studies in the School of Media Studies offer two sections: long-term or short-term courses.

These courses lead to a university degree major in any one of the four now offered by the college:

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An Intro In Order To Aeroponics

Submitted by: Jonell Rica

Most individuals are familiar with the thought of hydroponics : growing plants in drinking water – but aeroponics is just not so a fact. Actually I simply had to include the word to a spell band. To put it simply, aeroponics keeps growing plants in surroundings. Of course discover much, much more to it, because plants don’t do as well well in plain surroundings. The roots associated with plants expanded aeroponically (is that the term? ) are revoked in an enclosed room and water and nutrition are sprayed about the roots. The primary stem and simply leaves stay out on view over a container enclosing the particular roots, letting them get surroundings and lightweight. History In 1942 Watts. Carter first investigated air culture growing and also described a procedure for growing vegetation in water steam, using the way to make studying vegetable roots easier, however it was Farrenheit. W. Proceeded to go who first coined the particular air-growing process because “aeroponics” within 1957. The very first commercial aeroponics setup is the Genesis Rooting Program, commonly the Genesis Device, by GTi within 1983. These devices was controlled with a microchip and just connected to the outlet plus a water tap. Aeroponics Today Aeroponics is so popular regarding cloning plants from waste. Many plants considered to be difficult or even impossible to clone are actually less difficult. They have even been utilized in spaced for vegetable experiments since the sixties and NASA has been crafting blow up aeroponic greenhouses to be used on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich). Benefits associated with Aeroponics Less Fertilizer : Since all the nutrition are contained, indicate land in groundwater or even sinking too deep to the soil to become of any assist. friction material Less Water – Extremely important for space traveling and thosein dry climates. Most of the water dropped in traditional gardening is actually from water evaporating out from the garden soil. All it merely requires sinks beyond the roots and also the plants never obtain a chance to consume it. friction material More Cost Effective : Since less nutrient option would be needed when compared with hydroponics the expenses to operate a aeroponic garden are much less than to work a hydroponic lawn. Additionally, there are fewer shifting parts and complicated techniques involved. friction material Reduced Disease Damage : Because the plants are usually separated from one another and not spreading the same garden soil, an infection in a single plant includes a much lower possibility of spreading towards the rest of your own plants. friction material Aeroponics does have a few downsides. The first cost to obtain things up and also running can be greater than that of a practice garden or box garden. Additionally, there are more and more that can improve or cease working, leaving your own plants high and dried out. Aeroponics on Home You’ve probably observed commercials for your AeroGarden through AeroGrow. It is the easiest way to get going within aeroponics and is available in sizes. You can purchase seed packages for natural herbs, lettuces and much more, or occurs own seeds using the system. May great way to get fresh natural herbs, lettuce and much more throughout the year. If you are considering something a little bigger, what about the overall Hydroponics Jungle 318 with 18 3 inch growing containers. This would job great for growing tea leaf lettuce for a little family or for expanding your own army associated with Venus fly trap. If you’re mare like a do-it-yourself kind there are many sources online with information and also supplies to create your personal aeroponic lawn. Is aeroponics for everybody? Most likelynot, however it is a amazing way to grow vegetation and can be really educational for kids and also adults. Try it out these days! the best cheap soccer jerseys shop!

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About the Author: general hydroponics




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Ask The Boca Raton Dentist: The Effects Of Smoking On Your Oral Health, Part 2

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Submitted by: Michael Smitha

In our previous article installment, we began this four-part series by discussing some of the effects of tobacco-use [both chewing and smoking] on one s oral health and smile aesthetics. Consequences such as bad breath, tooth discoloration and inflammation of the soft tissues in the mouth were covered by this Boca Raton dentist. In this, the second article installment, we shall continue to examine the health implications of this terrible habit before, in the third part of the series, addressing the benefits of kicking the habit.

Ask the Boca Raton Dentist: Tobacco-Use and Your Oral Health

4. Smoking and the Formation of Plaque and Tarta

Smoking affects the natural flow of saliva in the mouth, which is essentially the body s defense against bacteria, explain Boca Raton dentists. This renders the mouth far more susceptible to bacterial activity and the formation of plaque; a whitish soft sticky substance composed entirely of bacteria. Without regular and thorough cleaning more than just twice daily brushing this plaque hardens to form deposits of tartar, which in turn causes tooth decay, cavities, gum inflammation and infection. In the absence of proper oral hygiene and regular appointments with Boca Raton dentists, the accumulation of tartar on the teeth can lead to a chronic and acute infection of the periodontium [the supporting structure of the teeth], as well as tooth loss!

5. Smoking and the Formation of Leukoplakia

Leukoplakias are rough white patches caused by chronic irritation of the soft tissues in the mouth. This is generally in response to the excessive heat of tobacco smoke, as well as the thousands of harmful chemicals in it, say Boca Raton dentists. These oral lesions, while painless, are terribly unsightly and can lead to the development of cancer. As such, it is best that patients have any suspicious oral growths checked out and biopsied immediately.

6. Smoking and Gum Disease

Tobacco-use leads to the chronic and acute bacterial infection of the supporting structures of the teeth, namely the gums. And it does this in several different ways, say Boca Raton dentists:

YouTube Preview Image

A. Tobacco-use stunts the healthy flow of saliva in the mouth, causing an increased vulnerability to bacterial activity.

B. Tobacco-use thickens the blood, thus hindering circulation to the teeth and gums. This directly interferes with the body s ability to heal and cope with infection, say Boca Raton dentists.

C. Tobacco-use affects the normal functioning of gum tissue cells, rendering them more vulnerable to infection.

7. Smoking and Oral Cance

It is well understood and documented in medical literature that smoking leads to an increased risk of developing a whole list of cancers, say Boca Raton dentists. Chronic infection of the soft tissues in the mouth can in particular lead to the formation of growths and lesions that may be found to be cancerous. The body s response to chronic inflammation as is consistent with gum disease can also lead to a patient s increased risk of developing cancer in other parts of the body.

Boca Raton Dentists: Summing Up the Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Before we end this article installment, let s sum up the impacts of this wholly unnecessary habit. Smoking causes:

1. Bad breath

2. Tooth discoloration

3. Inflammation of the oral soft tissues

4. The formation of leukoplakia

5. Increased oral bacteria activity

6. Gum infection and disease

7. Inflammation of the salivary glands

8. Tooth loss and jaw bone loss

9. Impaired ability to heal

10. Oral cance

Boca Raton Dentists: Stay Tuned

To find out how kicking the habit can benefit your oral health and for advice on how patients can quit, stay tuned for the third and fourth installment of this four-part article series, courtesy of this Boca Raton dentist.

Dr. Christian Fox is a renowned writer and in his research work he deals with several Boca Raton Dentists. Here in this article Boca Raton Dentist explains various dental issues which might be very useful for those people who are suffering from dental problems.

About the Author: Dr. Christian Fox is a renowned writer and in his research work he deals with several Boca Raton Dentists. Visit:




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